Together with Opensoftware we created a new system for AGH University of Science and Technology called Exchange Student Registration System. Its main purpose is to serve Erasmus and other exchange students to sign for courses and create their academic profile.

The signing process (called learning agreement) proposed by AGH was very complicated and involved many actors along the way. That's why before any pixel was put on the canvas, we had to fully understand AGH requirements and find the best possible way to make the product easy to use for all of its users and their assigned roles.

The process varied for different users. From students' perspective they were involved in one path, while AGH administrators and moderators seen the process as many different elements. That's why firstly we focused on good information architecture and service navigation map.

In total Underovsky created almost 90 designs of system views and its interactions. Everything is based on simple grid: bigger column with main content, navigation sidebar, action sidebar and adjustable main menu. This way user experience is similar everywhere.










To ease the courses signing process for students it's based on well known basket with checkout. The only difference is that shopping isn't finished after confirming the choices. AGH emloyees have to verify both the users' identity and if they are eligible for the courses they chose.

We introduced internal messaging system, so if any problems appear they can contact each other and simply talk.

To speed up the work for system administrators and moderators ESRS is splitted into simple modules that are easily editable and managable, including: cooperating universities, courses import, users validation, documents validation and learning agreement verification.