Underovsky can bring a lot of good practices to your business and boost the grow. Here's how.

Design and development

While browsing the website users should quickly understand the interface without any further thinking. They must have the pleasure of making actions and know what they're doing.

I can design interface that apply all the good practices and fulfill the business model.

The website should not only look, but also function properly. In order to achieve that I can develop it for you with suitable technologies. Nifty code, well organized and flawless functioning — that's the quality you can expect.

Product improvement

Interface can be shiny and brilliant, but if it does't meet business requirements, it doesn't give any benefits to you.

By auditing your website I can apply specific improvements to fix it, make CTA (call to action) clear and give you guidelines how not to repeat your errors again. Your website will welcome more detailed work and present clear and easy to process message.

I can both manage your team and involve myself in design and development work as well.

Process improvement

I saw many companies jumping into development without clear idea what they want to achieve. I also saw many companies doing design just to match trends instead of reaching the business goal.

You can easily avoid it by bringing better design/development process into your company. I can audit the workflow and improve it by applying specific rules and good practices. From sketch to final product — you will have more organized flow.

Since I know both designer and developer work I know that there is a lot of misunderstanding between creatives and programmers. This can be fixed by teaching both sides about goals, visions and limitations. I can point where mistakes are being made and give advices where there is a place for improvement.

Your employees should know important aspects of interface creation: good UX practices, understand why they do what they do and why business goals are sometimes more important than new amazing UI idea. I can give them better understanding of their work and in the same time bring more joy to it.


During my career I've cooperated with many companies, teams and specialists. This experience has given me a lot of understanding of product creation process.

I co-created projects for banks and financial institutions. I cooperated with startups and business from many market areas in both interface design and front-end development.

The whole process of interface creation from the very first sketches, through design, development and A/B testing is well-know for me. My knowledge and experience can help your product, startup, company or fresh business.