Underovsky can bring good practices to your business and boost your growth.

Here's what Underovsky brings to the table:

  • excellent grasp of business requirements,
  • expertise in design and in development,
  • experience.

Here's what Underovsky can do for you:

  • analyze and understand your site's processes,
  • streamline your development process and your products,
  • carefully select the most viable technologies,
  • optimize your site for performance,
  • work by Underovsky's self/myself, or manage a team,
  • make sure your team understands your products and the rationale behind them,
  • a teardown of your site,
  • pinpoint areas for improvement in the interface and user experience,
  • foster flawless form and function.

Let's start from scratch sketch

Underovsky is all about drawing from three areas of expertise: business, design, and development.

We can begin from the very foundations of your site or portal. That means going deeper than design; it's about answering the core questions: why are you building the site, what needs of your customers hould it respond to, and how should it go about doing it?

This will be the underpinning of what the site should look like and what elements it should incorporate.

Or, if you already have that covered, we can move on straight to the visual part. In designing the interface, I take care to focus on both sleek looks, and liquid-smooth interaction for the end-user, regardless of the device they'll use.

A dive in the depths of frontend

You can expect a conversation about the technologies that you'd like to use — or you can just ask me for recommendations.

Whatever we'll end up using in the project, you can rest easy that it'll be tried and tested, and it will meet your requirements, as well as mine.

What are those? It has to not only look good, but work flawlessly, both in terms of performance, and reliability.

Is it a bit of a fixer-upper?

Maybe you don't really want to start a site or portal from scratch; you already have one, and it's basically, kind of, good enough. However, you want it to be really good, or you simply want to add some pizzazz.

I can audit your site and identify the aspects that need work; like we've established, I can also put in that work myself afterwards.

The one condition I have here — we won't be just focusing on visual improvement. When I put my touch on something, it has to work great, not just look great.

One-man army or a band of brothers

Depending on the scale of your project, you may be looking for a lone cowboy or you might have in mind something that calls for a joint effort.

For a one-person job, I'm more than happy to take care of the whole thing from wireframes to final deployment.

When the project needs a team leader, I'm your man. I've led successful teams as tech lead and as CTO, running the development of e-commerce sites, CMSs, and large web portals.

With my combined areas experience, I can not only effectively direct a team in what they should do, but also make sure they know why their tasks need doing, what the product means, and how it should be positioned.

No unnecessary dependencies

I mean two things by this: on one hand — your project will work well and will be easily maintainable; on the other — you're getting a designer, a developer, and a CTO in a single package.

You can rely on the insights of someone who knows the business side of running things just as well as the intricacies of JavaScript.