Note everything, free your mind

On in Articles, Thoughts by Krzysztof Rusnarczyk

My Polish audience may already know it from my previous article, but I tend to list everything. It helps a lot organising your work, routines and... life.

It started few years ago. Firstly I just noted important todos. Then I needed it in sync, so I could note from any device I use. After some time it became my lifestyle, my daily routine and main reference point.

If something is not in my notes, it doesn't exist as something official. Notes help me organising work, shopping, ideas, links, articles, links, plans, meeting notes etc. This keeps my mind clear. Every time I think about something I just leave it as note, tag properly and come back to it later. This way I don't lose any ideas and thoughts.

It also keeps my mind clear and more focused since nothing bothers me and I have my mind free.

You might call it a bad memory, but I really have tons of ideas and remembering them is a no-go. It always feels bad trying to remind something important you forgot. It's the worst. Don't go there. Sometimes I can even spend days trying to remind something.

Here's the most important thing. By noting everything I focus at one thing at a time. I know that I won't lose any idea and my mind is clear and focused on one task. Then after I finish and remove it from notes I can go to the next one.

Also. Digital is not the only way of noting. You can also go offline with just a sheet of paper. This is really good for smaller, less important tasks that you are going to do in next few hours. Or for tasks that are low-level created from the high-level ones.

That is all for today. If you have any questions regarding this article or my workflow just type a comment or drop me a message.

I wrote this article in train on mobile.