Don't lorem ipsum everything

On in Articles by Krzysztof Rusnarczyk

This one is a short read. I just want to share with you my current observations on the misuse of lorem ipsum.

I recently noticed that it's becoming more and more common to use lorem ipsum practically everywhere. You should know that lorem ipsum is just a simply dummy text. Dummy. Its main purpose is to fill lines of text that do not have any significant meaning in whole design.

But nowadays I see designers or wannabe designers overusing the purpose of lorem ipsum. They use it in section titles, in pair with iconography, in buttons, lists etc. In some cases it is forgivable (like templates) but most of the time it influences the design pretty badly. Why?

First of all, the CTA is melting. If you lorem ipsum some section, lorem ipsum its title and lorem ipsum the button how the hell can I know what's the purpose here? What's the text telling me? Where will this button forward me? I'm just really curious what do you tell your client when he sees such thing. Oh, it's just a section with nothing particular in mind. Simply dummy section???

Secondly, and it's more personal, I'm pretty tired of lorem ipsum. Maybe try using something else. Try using text from a book. Make it look more real. See how your design works with more complex text or text in some specific language.

There are many cool and funny ^.*ipsum$ generators. They will not only make your design look better but they will also make it easier to sell your design.

That's all folks. Good luck with your design and be creative.