Prepare some cereal (or beer) and have a nice read about Underovsky.

What is Underovsky?

Underovsky is a one-man design & development studio based in Poland. My name is Krzysztof Rusnarczyk, I design interfaces, develop front-end for web applications and advise companies how to improve user experience. My aim is to create simple, functional and detailed products.

For whom?

Underovsky is mainly focused on cooperation in sector of new technologies, start-up's and innovative solutions. I also often work with software houses and interactive agencies.

Who am I?

You already know how I work, but who am I? I'm in one's twetnies graphic designer, developer and graduate of AGH University Of Science and Technology in Cracow. I currently live and work in Cracow.

I co-create projects such as Opencubeware and Flossmarket. I'm a big supporter of free and open source software.

And cherry on top: I accept conferences invitations and then do not appear due to lack of time.